New PDF release: 3000 tests for the three courses of schools of languages,

By Edward Rosset

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A) since b) at c) for d) during 18. " a) didn't see to us b) didn't see us c) saw us not d) not saw us 9. They've been here ... last ten minutes. a) since the b) during the c) for the d) at the 19. We didn't know where to lodge ... a) so much people b) so many people c) so people d) such a people 10. There were ... people at the meeting, only twenty. a) few b) a little c) any d) little 20. Would you like to go ... with me? a) for walk b) to walk c) for a walk d) to walking 40 1000 1. This is a factory ...

A) that which b) the one which c) the one who d) whose 12. Those people always ... football on Sunday mornings. a) are going to play b) play c) are playing d) plays 3. This is the guide book without ... we would have got lost. a) whom b) which c) whose d) who 13. What did your friend ... on the phone? a) told b) say c) said d) tell 4. This is the house ... the Evans want to buy. a) that b) who c) whom d) whose 14. She ... that she's not going to come to the meeting. a) say b) tells c) told d) said 5.

A) per b) in c) for d) by 4. Have you heard the news ... the radio? a) on b) in c) over d) at 5. You ... really beautiful today, darling. a) look b) appear c) seem d) look like 15. " "... " a) On b) In c) Over d) At 6. Children, ... late! a) don't are c) doesn't be 16. We must pay ... ten pounds. a) about b) a c) some d) any b) don't be d) be not 7. Her pulse was about 90 beats ... minute. a) a b) for c) in the d) by 17. How ... are you going to stay? a) much b) many c) long d) time 8. She will get fat if she ...

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