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By S. D'Agostino

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This e-book provides a point of view at the background of theoretical physics during the last 1000s years. It includes essays at the heritage of pre-Maxwellian electrodynamics, of Maxwell's and Hertz's box theories, and of the current century's relativity and quantum physics. a standard thread around the essays is the quest for and the exploration of subject matters that inspired major con­ ceptual adjustments within the nice stream of rules and experiments which heralded the emergence of theoretical physics (hereafter: TP). the thrill. damental switch concerned the popularity of the scien­ tific validity of theoretical physics. within the moment 1/2 the nine­ teenth century, it used to be tough for plenty of physicists to appreciate the character and scope of theoretical physics and of its adept, the theoreti­ cal physicist. A physicist like Ludwig Boltzmann, one of many eminent members to the recent self-discipline, confessed in 1895 that, "even the formula of this idea [of a theoretical physicist] isn't solely with no difficulty". 1 even if technological know-how had continuously been divided into idea and test, it was once merely in physics that theoretical paintings constructed right into a significant study and educating distinctiveness in its personal correct. 2 it truly is actual that theoretical physics used to be often a construction of tum­ of-the century German physics, the place it bought complete institutional acceptance, however it can be indisputable that amazing physicists in different eu nations, particularly, Ampere, Fourier, and Maxwell,

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6) performed by a) b) Fig. 6. Faraday experiments: a) Rotating magnet; b) Rotating current. Michael Faraday. On the left side, it showed that a magnet was rotating in the field of force of a current, and, on the right side, that a conducting wire was rotating in the field of a magnet. But no rotation of a magnet around another magnet was observed. 3 Ampere's Program: Only Mathematical Laws are Perennially Valid Because they are Independent from Physical Hypotheses Ampere stated why he prized his method so highly: he had deduced his law from the equilibrium conditions and geometric symmetries of his circuits.

54 The following often quoted 1856 remark is of interest in connection with Weber's views on a possible identification between his c and the velocity of light: In all the laws in which the constant c occurred, it appeared in the denominator of the ratio between it and the velocity with which the bodies move with respect to one another. , the different physical nature of the two velocities, was precisely the one which Maxwell tried to overcome in his exploitation of Weber's results for his electromagnetic theory of light.

It seems that Rudolf Kohlrausch, Weber's collaborator in the measurement of c initially supported an experiment of this type. 48 However, Weber and Koholrausch thought that, even if large charges were moved, the velocity necessary to obtain measurable effects would have been very large49 . Therefore, they adopted a more practical method. This method consistedSO in the measurement (through the tangent galvanometer used ballistically) of the magnetic force produced by the discharge of a known electric charge.

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