Download e-book for iPad: A Modern Czech Grammar by William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

By William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

ISBN-10: 0231099371

ISBN-13: 9780231099370

Tips to communicate Czech.

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Order in Sanskrit. In fact the Sanskrit grammarians assumed, as we have seen before, not that such rilles are beyond the scope of grammar, but that there are no such rules, since word order or ab/zisa1]'lballdha is free. But if they neither studied word order nor neglected syntax, what then are the grammatical relations \sarylbandha) which the Sanskrit grammarians did study and by means of which they analysed the' construction of sentences? To answer this problem in full a considerable number of Piil)ini's rules would have to be analysed.

O_ dhyiiyi; it is based upon the Kiisikii. 14 32 INDIAN TI udahari bhagini yti tv vantam adrtilqU'l '0 head, saw the bull n In order to see wi this sentence in term~ can be represented \: order VP .... NP"V bhaginy alla(ivaham , ------- NP \ N bhogini The recursive rule (: corresponding to th, carries the pot on h, water' (S2) and: ana This results in the f, the head' and the Ad' formulating the requ If (iv) is interpret p. 15) a trimmed 1 bhagin! bhagini udak, siicfnam abhidhiivati transformational rull translormed into th harasi anacJvtiharrz- sac could be derived by I This would result h hm'ati udakam harat This, presumably, cc sirasii kumbha'1'l hara (22).

77 regards the preceding sound i and prescribes that it be lengthened, with the result that divna is produced. This is the grammatical form which is required. na, with a as the original and zero as the substitute. 77 doe~ not apply to divana, since the conditions for its applicability are not fulfilled. Hence we do not want the substitute zero to be treated like the original a, for in that case we would not be able to derive the grammatical form myna. What has happened so far? The rule I. 56 says that there is sthanivadbhtiva '[the substitute's] being like the original' in general, but not with regard to its sounds.

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