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Here's a concise, finished evaluate of Wilber's progressive proposal and its program in today's international. In A thought of every thing, Wilber makes use of transparent, nontechnical language to offer advanced, state of the art theories that combine the nation-states of physique, brain, soul, and spirit. He then demonstrates how those theories and versions will be utilized to real-world difficulties in components comparable to politics, medication, company, schooling, and the surroundings. Wilber additionally discusses day-by-day practices that readers absorb so one can observe this integrative imaginative and prescient to their very own daily lives.

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Hakuin goes further, analyzing the story in more detail , probing more deeply into its content and structure. He interprets th e battle of the titan s and the gods as the resurgence of random mentation after attainment of inner stillness in m editation. The victory of the gods is the overcoming of this disturbance. The concealment of the titan s in fin e fibers is the retreat of impulses into subtle streams of consciousness hidden in feelings of joyfulness at success. Finally Hakuin brings up a method of "severing" th e "fibers" concealing subtle confusions of thought.

That is the meaning of the scripture's stat ement " Beyond as many worlds as grains of sand in thirtysix Ganges Rive rs is a world call ed Wonderfully High. " This is what people eve rywhere often mi stakenly refer to as th e hom e of the self, the inh erent perfect Buddha-mind . What they do not reali ze is that this is what Ch'ang-sha call ed the major sign of the circul ar routine that has gone on since the beginning of time; and it is th e "black pit" that Rinzai feared. True practitione rs of th e Way do not consider reaching this to be enlightenment; they do not consider this enough.

So the titan led hi s followers into confusions of thinking, as hard to cut through as lotus fibers, and hid there. Once they h ad hidden in the 39 APP LI CAT IO NS subtle lotu s threads of confu sions of thinking, it m akes sense that the gods withdrew, un able to attack. " This refers to getting entirely riel of th e lotu s fibers. How does one do thi s? Master teach ers have a cl ever techniqu e th at cuts through th e subtl e roots of birth and dea th like an enormous sword reaching to the sky, cru shing your old nest of deluded feelings like a ten-ton h ammer.

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