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Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 14. Electrons 100MeV-20GeV Normal Beck (1970) Semi-infinite slab BEC H 70 15. Photons 10MeV-20GeV Normal Alsmiller and Moran (1967) Semi-infinite slab ALS R 6 7 16. Photons 150MeV-20GeV Normal Beck (1970) Semi-infinite slab BEC H 70 54 RADIATION FIELDS 4 0 0 MeV 100 MeV 10" _L 10 _L 15 J_ 20 Depth in tissue 25 30 (cm) XBL 7 0 8 - 3 7 0 5 Fig. 8. Dose-equivalent depth distributions in a 30-cm semi-infinite tissue slab for normally incident neutrons.

With this in mind we are led to the concept of a special RBE for the purposes of radiation protection, which has been termed a modifying factor (MF). Thus dose equivalent (DE, in rem) may be related to the ab­ sorbed dose (D, in rad) resulting from mixed radiation fields by the equation DE = (MF)D. (2) The modifying factor (MF) is theoretically separable into several sub­ sidiary modifying factors each representing a separate variable of irradiation. Thus DE = (M 1 M 2 M 3 . Mj)D. (3) One of the most important of these factors influencing the biological efficiency of radiation is the linear energy transfer (ZIR R 52).

H. K. Reynolds, D. N. F. Dunbar, W. A . Wenzel, and RIC M 54 W. Whaling, The Stopping Cross Section of Gases For Protons, 20-600 KeV, Phys. Rev. 92, 742 (1953). M. Rich and R. Madey, Range Energy Tables, University PR B 57 RIN A 71 RIN A 72 ROE W 68 ROU J 69 SHA K 69 of California Radiation Laboratory report UCRL-2301, 1954. A . Rindi and R. H. Thomas, Absorbed D o s e - A n Unfortunate Red Herring in Radiation Protection, in Radiation Protection Standards: Quo Vadis Vol I I , Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Health Physics Society Topical Symposium, Richland, Washington, Nov.

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