New PDF release: Adbusters, Issue 106: Mental Breakdown of a Nation

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Geert Lovink on our networked condition
Stefanie Krasnow on our digital realities
Franco “Bifo” Berardi at the moment act of the ecu tragedy
Adbusters on Chess vs. Weiqi
Fekku Ragabe!
Peak Humanity
Micah White and Chiara Ricciardone on touchdown a loss of life blow to capitalism
Andy Merrifield at the radical politics of memes

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's Adbusters, Issue 97: Post Anarchism PDF

Featured during this issue:
Creative Director: Pedro Inoue
Pankaj Mishra explores modernity's undoing
David Graeber at the demise of capitalism
Saul Newman at the politics of publish anarchism
Allen Kanner at the have to identify nature's rights
Micah White on united kingdom Uncut
Sam Eifling at the probability of a nuclear endgame
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Robert Pogue Harrison's Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition PDF

People have lengthy grew to become to gardens—both actual and imaginary—for sanctuary from the rush and tumult that surrounds them. these gardens should be as far-off from daily truth as Gilgamesh’s backyard of the gods or as close to as our personal yard, yet of their very belief and the marks they endure of human care and cultivation, gardens stand as restorative, nourishing, beneficial havens.

Paul M. Sniderman, Louk Hagendoorn's When Ways of Life Collide: Multiculturalism and Its PDF

In 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was once brutally murdered on a hectic Amsterdam highway. His killer used to be Mohammed Bouyeri, a twenty-six-year-old Dutch Moroccan angry by way of van Gogh's debatable movie approximately Muslim suppression of ladies. The Dutch govt had funded separate colleges, housing tasks, broadcast media, and group firms for Muslim immigrants, all lower than the umbrella of multiculturalism. however the fact of terrorism and radicalization of Muslim immigrants has shattered that dream.

during this arresting publication, Paul Sniderman and Louk Hagendoorn display that there are deep conflicts of values within the Netherlands. within the eyes of the Dutch, for instance, Muslims oppress ladies, treating them as not as good as males. within the eyes of Muslim immigrants, Western Europeans deny ladies the honour they deserve. Western Europe has turn into a cultural clash region. methods of existence are colliding.

Sniderman and Hagendoorn exhibit how id politics contributed to this predicament. The very guidelines intended to cajole majority and minority that they're a part of a similar society bolstered their view that they belong to diversified societies. on the private point, the authors' findings recommend, the difficulty that executive and electorate must be curious about isn't a clash of values yet a conflict of basic loyalties.

New PDF release: Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir

A lyrical and real publication that recounts the tale of a border-town kin in Brownsville, Texas within the 1980's, as every one family member desperately attempts to assimilate and get away lifestyles at the border to turn into "real" americans, even on the fee in their shared kinfolk heritage. this is often fairly un-mined territory within the memoir style that offers in-depth perception right into a formerly unexplored nook of the US.

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Add to this a major epidemic, the mildly scandalous reign and death of Lucius Verus and the abortive but still frightening coup of Avidius Cassius. The contrast is considerable, and is 9 10 HA Gord. 3. ” For the wars, see Birley 1987, esp. 140–83, with Strobel 1994, 1317–24 for the Parthian wars and Kovács 2009, 181–263 for the northern. The “true Aurelii” 35 not restricted to material fit for an epic. 11 In many important respects, then, the reigns of Antoninus and Marcus differed considerably from each other, with the latter far more characterized by violence and instability.

Since there seems to be no further elaboration on the circumstances, it is not certain from the document that Geta’s 30 From Antonine to Severan 31 Severus left his two sons, who were already notorious rivals, as joint heirs to the empire, perhaps with the idea that their equal powers would create a balance and preserve peace. The arrangement just gave their mutual hatred a larger and more public stage on which to play out. That December, Caracalla took the decisive step of a coup, in which he put to death his brother, along with the latter’s advisors, friends and dependants, allegedly thousands in number.

The question of fictionality in the Apollonius will be addressed fully in Chapter 4. Authors and history 25 but they remain significant for Philostratus. Indeed, their presence in Philostratus’ writings is particularly marked, because they do not really need to be there. Greek authors of the imperial period can and often do discuss religious and cultural issues without any reference to the contemporary Roman political scene or its narrative history. It is worth asking why Philostratus has done otherwise, and in particular why he has done so in narrative form.

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