New PDF release: Advanced Topics in Database Research, Vol. 1

By Keng Siau

Complex issues in Database learn positive aspects the newest, state of the art study findings facing all features of database administration, structures research and layout and software program engineering. This booklet presents info that's instrumental within the development and improvement of idea and perform relating to info expertise and administration of knowledge assets.

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A modeling methodology can help and secure these tasks. Experimentation and simulation both necessitate a workload model (database and operations to run on this database) and a set of performance metrics. These elements are traditionally provided by benchmarks. Though interest for benchmarks is well recognized for experimentation, simulation approaches usually use workloads that are dedicated to a given study, rather than workloads suited to performance comparisons. We believe that benchmarking techniques can also be useful in simulation.

When considering ternary relationships, we have identified three areas that we investigate to identify whether this equivalency is preserved. These are: 1. Whether the decomposition is lossless; 2. Whether the decomposition preserves functional dependencies; and 3. , insertions, deletions), which we call update preservation constraints. Lossless Decompositions In Jones and Song (1996), we find an analysis providing the fundamental basis for constraining ternary relationships through binary impositions (single and multiple constraints).

To measure the time to perform each operation, the following sequence is followed. 1. Setup: prepare 50 inputs to the operations (the setup is not timed); 2. Cold run: run the operation 50 times, on the 50 inputs precomputed in the setup phase; then, if the operation is an update, commit the changes once for all 50 operations; 3. Warm run: repeat the operation 50 times with the same input to test the effect of caching; again, perform a commit if the operation was an update. 38 Darmont & Schneider Figure 2: HyperModel database schema Parent/Children (Aggregation 1-N) * 1 * NODE RefTo/RefFrom (Association M-N) uniqueId ten hundred thousand million * * PartOf/Parts (Aggregation M-N) * (Specialization) • • • • • • • bitMap width height TE text FORM NODE AM FL Y TEXT NODE The 20 possible operations belong to seven different kinds: Name Lookup: retrieve one randomly selected node; Range Lookup: retrieve the nodes satisfying a range predicate based on an attribute value; Group Lookup: follow the relationships one level from a randomly selected starting node; Reference Lookup: reverse Group Lookup; Sequential Scan: visit all the nodes; Closure Traversal: Group Lookup up to a predefined depth; Editing: update one node.

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