Altered States: Buddhism and Psychedelic Spirituality in by Douglas Osto PDF

By Douglas Osto

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Within the Fifties and Sixties, american citizens mixed psychedelics with Buddhist meditation to accomplish direct adventure via altered states of realization. As a few practitioners turned extra dedicated to Buddhism, they deserted using psychedelics in desire of stricter psychological self-discipline, yet others carried on with the test, advancing a desirable alchemy known as psychedelic Buddhism. Many imagine exploration with psychedelics and Buddhism pale with the progressive spirit of the sixties, however the underground perform has advanced right into a model of religiosity as eclectic and tough because the period that created it.

"Altered States" combines interviews with famous figures in American Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality--including Lama Surya Das, Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei, Rick Strassman, Charles Tart, and Erik Davis--and own tales of daily practitioners to outline a notably American non secular phenomenon. The nuanced viewpoint that emerges, grounded in an in depth historical past of psychedelic spiritual adventure, provides serious intensity to debates over the managed use of psychedelics and drug-induced mysticism. The publication additionally opens new paths of inquiry into such matters as re-enchantment, the boundaries of rationality, the biochemical and psychosocial foundation of altered states of cognizance, and the character of subjectivity.

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At one level, we feel as if there were a substantially existent, self-sufficient person. ” However, through meditation, when you begin to perceive the absence of such a self-sufficient, substantial person, you gradually begin to release the strong grip of your clinging toward friends and possessions. With this technique, you overcome strong and afflictive attachments by loosening your grip on your own fixed identity as a subject. This has a definitely liberating effect. Nevertheless, since this approach still leaves intact your apprehension of external objects as possessing an objective, intrinsic identity, subtle levels of attachment based on this apprehension also remain untouched.

In retrospect, however, this delay has had a significant consequences in that when I finally had the time to work on the book, I was in a better position to appreciate the subtleties of many important English philosophical terms. For this, I am deeply grateful to the Inlaks Foundation, London, and my friends Geoff Jukes, Morna White, and Isabelle White, whose generosity made it possible for me to study at Cambridge. In this book, I have attempted to adopt a style of translation that reflects, as faithfully as possible, His Holiness’s thoughts as if he were expressing them in English.

From early morning until I go to bed and in all situations of life, I always try to check my motivation and be mindful and present in the moment. Personally, I find this to be very helpful in my own life. Over the three days we spend together, I shall be discussing various methods that we can employ as tools to examine ourselves, enabling us to embark upon a path of self-discovery and development. Taking your own body and mind as the laboratory, see if you can use these different techniques: that is to say, engage in some thorough-going research on your own mental functioning, and examine the possibility of making some positive changes within yourself.

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