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By Eliane Regina Rodrigues, Jorge Alberto Achcar

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​In this short we reflect on a few stochastic versions which may be used to review difficulties with regards to environmental issues, specifically, pollution. The influence of publicity to air toxins on people's well-being is a really transparent and good documented topic. accordingly, you will need to to acquire how you can are expecting or clarify the behaviour of toxins as a rule. looking on the kind of query that one is attracted to answering, there are numerous of how learning that challenge. between them we may possibly quote, research of the time sequence of the toxins' measurements, research of the knowledge bought at once from the knowledge, for example, day-by-day, weekly or per month averages and traditional deviations. otherwise to check the behaviour of toxins generally is thru mathematical versions. within the mathematical framework we can have for example deterministic or stochastic versions. the kind of types that we'll think of during this short are the stochastic ones.​

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278. The hyperparameters were calculated using the empirical mean and variance obtained in the period 1997–1999 (inclusive) and 2000–2003 (inclusive). Hence, two sets of hyperparameters were use for each threshold considered. The reason for splitting the observational period to calculate the hyperparameters of the prior distributions is that in 1999 the last of a series of environmental measures aiming to reduce the level of ozone in Mexico City was implemented. Hence, changes in the behavior of that pollutant may be observed.

05. 22. The number of days on which a surpassing of the thresholds occurred varied according to region and threshold. 5 and, for the remainder of this chapter, they represent the number K in the respective data set D. Remark. The analysis is performed for each set of data separately, hence the different values of K for different data sets. Hence, in the first approach (β = 1) the uniform prior distributions of α and σ are defined on the intervals (0, 2) and (0, 100), respectively. In the second approach (β unknown) β has a uniform prior distribution defined on the interval (0, 100).

5. Since given σw2 , the quantity W j has a normal distribution N(0, σw2 ), we have that eW j has a log-normal distribution with mean E(eW j ) = e 2 σw 2 and Var(eW j ) = (eσw − 1) eσw . 2 Homogeneous Poisson Models 31 Var(X j ) = λ02 e2( j−1) (eσw − 1) eσw + λ0 κ j−1 eσw /2 . We see that for a known value of σw2 , when compared to the value given by Model I, in Model III we also have 2 an extra Poisson variability for E(X j ) which in this case is given by eσw /2 . 2 2 2 The observed data now are the number of surpassings of a threshold of interest in each time subinterval.

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