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Quantity eleven, N elements 1 and a pair of (2 vols)

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La ta-bal-kdt-a-ni la tanakkirani Wiseman Treaties 244; with itti: ittija ib-balkit KAH 2 84:51, and passim in Adn. edu nabalkutu Ic nabalkutu Id ittisu lu ib-bal-kit WO 1 464:42, and passim in Shalm. III, GN sa itti PN ib-bal-ki-tu Rost Tigl. III p. 10:43, and passim, sa DN ... ; with eli: massu elisu ib-bal-kit-ma Streck Asb. 82 x 10, also 80 ix 94; with ina muhhi : 453 r. 8, of. CT 20 36 iii 18; aksud tillatisu BAL-SU ina ade KUR ina muhhi[su] la ta-bal-kat-a-ni Wiseman Treaties 310, cf. ibid.

37, ib-bal-kat-u-ni Wiseman Treaties 175, ummdn KaSSe ib-bal-ki-tu-ma idikusu CT 34 38 i 11 (Synchron. ); inhabitants of GN, GN 2 , and GN 3 the ana 4' in OB Alalakh: summa PN ib-ba-la-aksihirtinu it-ta-bal-ku-ti Purattu tabru all ka-at Wiseman Alalakh 56:35 and 39, also da of them revolted and crossed the Euphrates urram seram ip-pa-la-ak-ka-tu ibid. ); cf. ibid. 53 r. 2, 58:11, 63:8. 5' in RS: KUR GN tu(var. 01:13. 6' in Nuzi: mannu sa i-bal-ga-tu, x kaspa ... inaddin HSS 9 115:12, also, wr. i-bal-la13 ib-bal-kicf.

Us-ba- lak-ka-[tal) daldti (parallel amahas, aSabbir) of the body: masaksa [ul-us-ba-la-ga-at-ma he flays its (the sheep's) skin MDP 14 123 No. 90:10 (OAkk. ); Sui kakkeki su-bal-ki-ti ineki Kocher BAM 105:4, dupl. STT 97 iv 27; zerasu lilqutu suviv-ti-[su] li-iS-[ba]-al-[ki-du] MDP 2 63 ii 6, see MDP 10 p. 11; difficult: [S]u- su us-bal-kt-ma LKA 139 r. ). c) to turn upside down: (the figure seventy) eliS ana Saplis us-bal-kit-ma he turned upside down (so as to read eleven) Borger Esarh. 14 Ep.

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