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By Gary John Barker

ISBN-10: 3642052789

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The ebook reports the unforeseen influence that the LEP experiments have had near to b-quark physics. The emphasis is firmly on telling the tale from an experimental standpoint. elements of the detectors that have been crucial for the reconstruction of b-hadrons are highlighted, specially the position performed by means of silicon strip detectors and particle identity equipment. the significance of fixing useful concerns similar to detector alignment and music reconstruction to completely become aware of the reconstruction capability of the detectors is validated besides quite a few examples of capability difficulties whilst those elements will not be good managed. Barker information new rules and research innovations that advanced throughout the years of LEP working in order that the knowledge comes in handy to new researchers or these placing jointly plans for destiny b-physics experiments. Highlights of the ultimate b-physics effects from the LEP collaborations are reviewed within the context of effects from different experiments around the globe and with admire to what we know about the normal version of Particle Physics.

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b-Quark Physics with the LEP Collider: The Development of Experimental Techniques for b-Quark Studies from Z^0-Decay by Gary John Barker

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