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By Carl Carlson

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An exploration of advancements within the region of three-quark platforms. Emphasis is given to the dialogue of experimental leads to the components of shape components, unpolarized and polarized constitution features, and baryon constitution and spectroscopy. Of specific curiosity are the theoretical advancements within the quarter of generalized parton distributions and lattice quantum chromodynamics. The papers are taken from the 9th foreign convention at the constitution of Baryons, held in Newport information, Virginia in 2002.

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7 in comparison with photoproduction data from DESY ?. 72 GeV seen for the first time in electroproduction of the pn n- channel. This peak is absent in the photoproduction data. The CLAS data 32 also contain the complete hadronic angular distributions and p+ and n f n p mass distributions over the full W range. 72GeV was found to be best described by a N3f ,+(1720) state. While there exists a state with such quantum numbers in this mass range, its hadronic properties were found previously to be very different from the CLAS state.

Much improved data are needed for more definite tests in a large Q2 range. An interesting question is if the Al/2(Q2) amplitude changes sign, or remains negative. The range of model predictions for the Q2 evolution illustrates dramatically the sensitivity of electroproduction to the internal structure of this state. 2 The first negative parity state N1;2- (1535) Another state of interest in the 2nd resonance region is the N;12- (1535). e. the Q2 evolution shows a slow fall-off. This state is often studied in the pq channel which shows a strong s-wave resonance near the 77-threshold with very little non-resonant background.

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