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By Sharon Traweek

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Appears to be like on the lifetime of particle physicists, exhibiting who those individuals are and what their international is actually like. Traweek exhibits their similarities and variations, how their careers are formed, how they have interaction with their colleagues and the way their rules approximately time and house form their social constitution.

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If one excludes the operator with \ = µ = 0, one has the algebra SU(2j + 1). It is, in general, possible to find a further subset which is closed with respect to commutation. 4), the operators with odd a form a closed algebra. They generate the algebra Sp(n) or, to be more precise, the compact algebra Sp(n, C). However, following standard notation, we shall delete the letter C and denote this algebra simply by Sp(n). 2 of Volume 1, this algebra has 2n(n + 1) generators. 6) with A = 1. (The symbol denotes isomorphic algebras, which will be discussed in Sect.

1 or 0. 19). 34) Mi Also here the representations (n1, n2, n3) of Sp(6) are restricted and there is only one quantum number, vF. The four quantum numbers NF, VF, J, Mj are sufficient to determine the states uniquely. This situation persists up to and including j = 7/2. For larger js further quantum numbers are needed. 5 for j < 5/2. 2 Multiple j. Spinor algebras We consider first the case of spinor algebras. 21). We begin by noting that these values of j transform as the [1] representation of U(20) and as the (2, a, z) represen- tation of Spin(6).

A simple example of this breaking is the case j = 1/2, 3/2. This can be viewed as a pseudo-orbital angular momentum k = 1, coupled to a pseudo-spin, s = 1/2, with n = 6. Breaking U(6) in this way corresponds to introducing the algebras Uk(3) and U,(2). ii nk = > (2k; + 1), k; n, = E(2s; + 1). 22) we have used the product sign ®. 9). However, since direct sums of algebras correspond to direct products of groups, it has become customary to use the product sign 0 when using the capital letters U and the sum sign ® when using lowercase letters u.

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