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By David G. Lyon

ISBN-10: 0781806771

ISBN-13: 9780781806770

This booklet features a precise define of Assyrian grammar, transliterated texts, an intensive thesaurus and a finished checklist of alphabets. Aramaic can also be often called Assyrian and data of it's a needs to for any critical pupil of the bible. The guideline advisor is designed for these intere4sted in studying to learn the language.

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Tailakin 2. m. taikun . . 2. f. tuiakkin . . tuiaikin . . tailakin taikuni. • . tulakkini. . tuialkini. . taiiakint 1. c. alkun............. uiakkin . . uiaikin . . aitakin P l . 3. m. iikunü(ni) . uiajbtinfl(ni) . vialkinü(nt) . illakinü(ni) 3. f. il^und(nt). tiicubtind(ni) . ttfaHr»nd(r»i) . Uiakinä(ni') 2. m. ta lk und. . tu iakkin ü . . tu ia ik in ü . . ta lla k in ü 2. f. talkunä . . tuiakkinü . . tuiaikinü. . (allakinä 1. c. nilkun . . nuiakkin . . nuiaiib'n .

The form uialif 10u I caused to rejoice (K*), instead o f uSilif is m ade on the analogy of verbs initial Hx. * S tem I V 1 : in n a b it 10 * * = i n H a b i t he vanished (§ 8. 2 e) st. dbatu, in n a m r u 9 18 he was seen st. ")DK, in n a m d u 37 6 they are established st. iDJh guttural. § 28. Verba 2 Ö28 )= (written ii-a-lu Hv iS Hala he asked, (w ritten (w ritten i8-ta-na-a-a-lum ) th ey were enquiring mimmation, w h ich occu rs cf. § 16. 3 ), u S a 'ilü l l 27 th ey ca lled ou t = u S a H H ilü .

As anticipative of a pro- O U T L IN E O F G R A M M A R . XXX11 nominal suffix 5a often occurs, as 5a . . kakku-5u 0® whose weapon, 5a . . abikta-Su 42&4 whose defeat. Tlio relative is frequently omitted, as tdbtu ipussunüti 4610 the good which I had done to them, a5ar ikaHadu 172 wherever they catch them. Those form s o f the verb regularly ter­ minating in a consonant take in relative sentences the vowel termination u or a, as ak5udu 427 I captured, azkura 201® I mentioned. holds in cases -where the relative is omitted, This usage as ultu .

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