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A different and complete presentation on glossy particle physics which shops the history wisdom at the great open questions past the normal version, because the lifestyles of the Higgs-boson, or the character of darkish subject and darkish strength.

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One sees that a large mixing (large At − ???? cot ????, see Eqs. 35) as well as a large stop mass is required to realize the observed value of the Higgs. As the lighter stop is considered as the lightest of all squarks, it means that other squark masses are at least higher than ∼ 700GeV, consistent with direct search results. The difference of the two curves in the figure (Suspect and FeynHiggs) may be considered as the theoretical uncertainty. 10b. The observed Higgs mass value excludes the GMSB (gauge mediated symmetry breaking) and AMSB (anomaly mediated symmetry breaking) in their simplest version.

In a theory where the symmetry is spontaneously broken, processes containing the Higgs have a role to compensate a class of diverging integrals (see discussions in Chapter 1 of [2]). For example, if a process in which both H0 , h0 are exchanged contributes to compensation of diverging WW integrals, the combined effect of the H0 , h0 has to be the same as the SM’s Higgs which constrains the relation between the two. 2, one sees that the above equation is satisfied. 54b) 2 0 0 2 0 0 gZ2 These considerations mean that one of A0 , h0 , H0 has a detection probability similar to that of the SM Higgs.

In order to generate the fermion mass, one has to have a new interaction that couples both to ordinary and TC fermions. The standard choice is the ETC (extended technicolor), a new gauge interaction at higher energy scale than the typical TC energy, which is of the order of the EW symmetry breaking. Exchange of the ETC gluon provides the fermion–fermion interaction and generates an effective mass. On the other hand, the same ETC interaction produces the FCNC interaction, and it is hard to construct a phenomenologically viable model.

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