Raymond Cooper, John K. Snyder's Biology - Chemistry Interface A Tribute to Koji Nakanishi PDF

By Raymond Cooper, John K. Snyder

ISBN-10: 0824771168

ISBN-13: 9780824771164

A tribute to the pioneering medical paintings of Professor Koji Nakanishi, whose reviews of average items have effaced a few of the traditional barriers among biology and chemistry. It discusses an array of chromatographic separation tools and backbone of constructions on a microscale, analyzes bioassay-directed fractionation and different technique of separating biologically energetic compounds from vegetation and different resources, covers important enzymes remoted from marine organisms resembling algae, and extra.

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From 79 extracts, which included 72 species of plants distributed among 35 families, 40 extracts initially gave positive results indicative of antimicrobial activity at the 100 µg/mL level against one or more of the microorganisms. Noticeably few extracts showed activity against fungi, especially C. albicans. This review focuses on a particular group of compounds: the antifungal sesquiterpene dialdehydes isolated from trees of the Warburgia genus. These sesquiterpene dialdehydes are among the rare phytochemicals that exhibit potent antifungal activity against C.

All Rights Reserved. 3 Marine Bromoperoxidases— Chemoenzymatic Applications Chris A. Moore and Roy K. Okuda San Jose´ State University, San Jose´, California I. INTRODUCTION A distinctive feature of many marine natural products is the presence of halogen atoms, particularly chlorine, bromine, and iodine, as structural components (Fig. 1). There is little doubt that the organically bound halogens are derived from halide salts that occur naturally in seawater and are incorporated during the biosynthetic process.

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