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Your hands-on advisor to this largely practiced and historic religion

Buddhism, one of many world's most generally practiced religions, is an engaging but complicated jap faith that's swiftly spreading all through western civilization. What does it suggest to be a Buddhist? What are the basic ideals and historical past in the back of this faith? Buddhism For Dummies explores those questions and extra during this up to date consultant to Buddhist tradition. you will achieve an knowing of the origins of this old perform and the way they're at present utilized to daily life.

Whether you are a searcher of fact, a scholar of religions, or simply fascinated about what makes Buddhism the sort of generally practiced faith, this consultant is for you. In simple English, it defines the real phrases, explains the most important recommendations, and explores in-depth quite a lot of attention-grabbing topics.

  • New and elevated assurance on the entire colleges of Buddhism, together with Theravada, Tibetan, and Mahayana
  • The carrying on with relevance of the Dalai Lama
  • Updated assurance on day-by-day observances, celebrations, types, practices, meditation, and more

Continuing the Dummies culture of creating the world's religions enticing and obtainable to each person, Buddhism For Dummies is your crucial advisor to this attention-grabbing faith.

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Download PDF by Jonathan Landaw, Visit Amazon's Stephan Bodian Page, search: Buddhism For Dummies

Your hands-on advisor to this extensively practiced and historic religionBuddhism, one of many world's most generally practiced religions, is an interesting but advanced jap faith that's quickly spreading all through western civilization. What does it suggest to be a Buddhist? What are the elemental ideals and background in the back of this faith?

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Buddhism even seems to be seeping into the general culture; you commonly hear casual references to it in movies and on TV. But even with all the increased recognition, we wonder how much the general public actually knows and understands about Buddhism. Despite the number of books on the subject, we suspect that, except for folks who have pursued their interest fairly seriously, most people still have only a vague idea of what Buddhism is all about. About This Book So what do you do if you want to understand more about Buddhism in general, but the books you’ve looked at so far are too narrow — covering, for example, only one particular school, aspect, or practice?

Considering the Many Faces of Spiritual Realization Reviewing the Theravada Tradition’s Take on Nirvana Defining nirvana Revealing the four stages on the path to nirvana Getting a Handle on Two Traditions of Wisdom Realizing the Mind’s Essential Purity in the Vajrayana Tradition Taking the direct approach to realization Understanding the complete enlightenment of a Buddha Standing Nirvana on Its Head with Zen Tuning in to the direct transmission from master to disciple The ten ox-herding pictures Finding the Common Threads in Buddhist Enlightenment Chapter 11: A Matter of Life and Death Taking Death Personally Recognizing Your Life As a Rare and Precious Opportunity Facing Reality: The Nine-Part Death Meditation Understanding that your death is definite Realizing that the time of your death is uncertain Using death awareness as your spiritual ally Reaping the Result of the Death Meditation Dealing with the Death of a Loved One Surveying Attitudes toward Death in Buddhist Traditions Theravada: Getting off the wheel of existence Vajrayana: Turning death itself into the path Zen: Dying the “great death” before you die Chapter 12: Minding the Concept of Karma Appreciating the Law of Karmic Cause and Effect Experiencing Karmic Consequences Following the Buddha’s Ethical Guidance Exploring the Buddhist Precepts Arranging the precepts behind three doors Taking a deeper look at the ten nonvirtuous actions Dealing with Transgressions Atoning for mistakes Purifying negative karma Chapter 13: Breaking Free of the Cycle of Dissatisfaction Feeling Like Life’s a Big Rat Race Spinning the Wheel of Life: The Meaning of Wandering in Samsara Identifying the root delusions Surveying the six realms of existence Understanding the 12 links Cutting through Suffering: The Three Trainings Chapter 14: Fulfilling Your Highest Potential Ordering a Round of Happiness for Everyone and Everything Dedicating Your Heart to Others Keeping it all in the family Figuring out what all beings desire Nurturing the Four Divine Abodes Extending loving-kindness Developing compassion Nurturing sympathetic joy Establishing equanimity Cultivating the Six Perfections of a Bodhisattva Practicing open-hearted generosity Following the self-discipline of ethical behavior Developing patience Practicing with enthusiastic effort Sharpening your concentration Cultivating the ultimate perfection: Insightful wisdom Chapter 15: Life Stories of Four Buddhist Masters Dipa Ma (1911–1989) Spending her early years as a wife and mother Overcoming physical ailments through meditation Sharing her story with others Ajahn Chah (1918–1992) Finding his way in the forest of life Blazing the monastic trail Thich Nhat Hanh (Born 1926) Working for peace in times of war Forging new beginnings from classic ideals The Dalai Lama (Born 1935) Understanding the legacy of reincarnation Reviewing the early life of the present Dalai Lama Dealing with the Chinese Finding freedom in exile Appreciating his interest in science Embracing the role of Buddhist ambassador to the world Part V: The Part of Tens Chapter 16: Ten Common Misconceptions about Buddhism Buddhism Is Only for Asians To Buddhists, the Buddha Is God Buddhists Are Idol Worshippers Because Buddhists Think Life Is Suffering, They Look Forward to Dying Buddhists Think That Everything Is an Illusion Buddhists Don’t Believe in Anything Only Buddhists Can Practice Buddhism Buddhists Are Interested Only in Contemplating Their Navels Buddhists Never Get Angry “It’s Just Your Karma; There’s Nothing You Can Do about It” Buddhists Don’t Know How to Count Chapter 17: Ten Ways Buddhism Can Help You Deal with Life’s Problems Affirming the Basic Principles Applying the Basic Principles Turning the page on your great expectations Accepting change gracefully Breaking up the concrete Pretending to Be a Buddha Watching your car rust Seeing that what’s yours isn’t really yours Feeling sorry for a thief Tendering your resignation to pain Turning off the projector Dealing with uninvited houseguests Part VI: Appendixes Appendix A: Explaining Buddhist Terms Appendix B: Additional Buddhist Resources to Check Out Cheat Sheet Index Buddhism For Dummies®, 2nd Edition by Jonathan Landaw, Stephan Bodian, and Gudrun Bühnemann Buddhism For Dummies®, 2nd Edition Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

During this period, he continued his spiritual practice by studying with several Tibetan teachers, including Sogyal Rinpoche and Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. In 1988, he met his guru, Jean Klein, a master of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmiri yoga, with whom he spent ten years inquiring into the nature of truth. Eventually, Stephan completed his Zen training and received dharma transmission (authorization to teach) from his teacher, Adyashanti, in a lineage dating back to the historical Buddha. In addition to authoring several books, including Meditation For Dummies, and numerous magazine articles, Stephan was editor-in-chief of the magazine Yoga Journal for ten years.

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