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By Richard J. Szabo.

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Typical one-on-one LIDT thresholds for dielectric coatings in Copyright © 2002 by Taylor & Francis (A) (B) Figure 10 Effects of 1% moisture incorporation into thin film dielectric layers on (A) transmission of a three-layer antireflectance coating and (B) reflection of a 20-layer full reflector. (From Ref. ) the UV are several J/cm2 and S-on-one thresholds are two to four times lower [42]. A recent investigation of 248 nm laser damage of multilayer dielectric stacks employed photothermal displacement and mirage techniques to assess 1on-1 LIDTs in both fluoride and oxide systems [72].

Some of these studies reported that k and x as defined in Eq. (5) varied somewhat between grades and with incident fluence levels. 1 mJ/cm2 /pulse), an ultramarathon irradiation study has been recently performed [57]. It used time-delay pulse multiplexing of a 2 kHz lithography-grade 193 nm laser beam for an effective operating rate of 8 kHz. The study used polarized light and periodically assessed both interferometric wavefront distortion and stress-induced birefringence of the irradiated fused silica samples.

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Busstepp Lectures on String Theory by Richard J. Szabo.

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