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A heavy steel is a member of an ill-defined subset of components that show steel houses, which might usually contain the transition metals, a few metalloids, lanthanides, and actinides. many alternative definitions were proposed - a few in line with density, a few on atomic quantity or atomic weight, and a few on chemical homes or toxicity. The time period heavy steel has been referred to as 'meaningless and deceptive' in a IUPAC technical document end result of the contradictory definitions and its loss of a 'coherent clinical basis'. As mentioned lower than, reckoning on context, heavy steel can contain parts lighter than carbon and will exclude a number of the heaviest metals. One resource defines 'heavy steel' as '...common transition metals, equivalent to copper, lead, and zinc. those metals are a reason behind environmental pollutants (heavy-metal toxins) from a couple of resources, together with lead in petrol, commercial effluents, and leaching of steel ions from the soil into lakes and rivers by way of acid rain'.

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Spatial distribution of Pb in attic dust (left) and soil (right; Šajn, 1999 with additional data) in unpolluted areas of Slovenia. 32 Gorazd Žibret and Robert Šajn Figure 20. 3. Heavy Metal Contamination in the Mežica Region Due to Pb-Zn Mining, Smelting and Ironworks Operations Statistical analysis contains data from 114 sampling locations of top soil and attic dust. 6 sampling sites waer situated on Quaternary deposit, 7 on Miocene sandstone and marl, 45 on Triassic limestone and dolomite, 4 on Permian shale and sandstone and 52 on lower Paleozoic metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Samples preparation, chemical analyses, and data interpretation has been performed as described in chapter 3. Additional sampling has been performed in the larger urban areas (figure 10). 000 inhabitants). The number of sampling locations has been determined according to the surface of the urban area. This sampling enables the comparison between heavy metal contamination between urban and rural areas. 4. 1. Accuracy And Precision of Chemical Analytics and Detection Limits The detection limits of the analytical laboratory are shown in table 1.

Table 9 shows the factor loadings. 4 geochemical associations have been extracted. First factor represents natural geochemical association. All other factors are connected with man-made geochemical anomalies: zinc smelting (F2), ironworks (F3) and recent titanium dioxide production (F4). Table 9. 5) obtained from the geochemical data of top soil and attic dust in Slovenian rural areas (N=198; Šajn, 2005). 8 44 Gorazd Žibret and Robert Šajn Enrichment factors are calculated according to the average values of the elements concentrations in the Slovenian unpolluted areas.

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