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By Brad Price, Sybex

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Offers finished and simple to stick with summaries and reviews of the fabrication ideas for ceramic and ceramic composite specimens, and elements.

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Note that R & D costs are often much less than those for production and market development, and that positive cash flow only results after a substantial time with suitable profit from the product. (B) Interest rate versus the period (in yrs) to double the principle illustrating the rule of 72 and the significant impact that interest has on product payback. (From Ref. 2 years. Note that since such product investment costs are paid back only out of profits on sales of the product, payback times of a few to several years can be common.

This may be on a direct ceramic-metal rotor cost difference, or on the basis of overall turbocharger cost versus performance, but in either case the cost of metal components individually or collectively is a major factor in the competitive balance. However, cost competition of different technologies may change as a function of component size, performance requirements, and market size, as well as other factors. As noted earlier, an important factor that drove use of ceramic turbocharger rotors for smaller auto engines was a Japanese tax on engine horsepower above a certain level, putting a premium on more performance from smaller engines.

New and old ceramic processes: manufacturing costs. MIT Ceramics Processing Res. Lab. Report No. 63, 6, 1986. P. P. K. Bowen. Cost modeling of structural ceramics. Adv. Cer. Mats. 2(1 ):34-38, 1987. M. Schoenung, E. Rothman, H. Bowen, J. Clark. Simulation of the potential market for ceramic engine components. In: W. Bunk, H. Hausner, eds. Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines, Proceedings of the Second International Symposium. Lubrck-Travemiinde, FRG. Verlag Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft, 1090-1098, 1986.

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