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Full of life therapeutic massage thoughts that dispel destructive feelings, relieve rigidity, and advance the senses, inner organs, and anxious method • exhibits how Chi therapeutic massage employs one’s personal inner strength to advertise rejuvenation • provides Chi therapeutic massage ideas for each organ and physically procedure • presents an everyday perform regimen that calls for in basic terms five to ten mins to accomplish The Western thought of therapeutic massage essentially matters muscle manipulation. within the perform of Chi therapeutic massage, inner strength, or Chi, is manipulated to reinforce and rejuvenate the feel organs--eyes, ears, nostril, tongue, the teeth, and skin--and the interior organs. The Taoist options during this perform are greater than 5,000 years previous and, until eventually very lately, have been heavily guarded secrets and techniques handed down from grasp to scholar with every one grasp usually understanding just a small a part of the entire procedure. In Chi Self-Massage grasp Mantak Chia items jointly the whole procedure of Chi therapeutic massage right into a logical regimen, revealing the tools utilized by Taoist masters to keep up their youthfulness. He explains the full of life conception at the back of Chi therapeutic massage and the way adverse feelings have an effect on the organs and frightened method. through training the workouts defined and following the day-by-day regimen that calls for purely five to ten mins to accomplish, readers can enhance their senses--most significantly imaginative and prescient, listening to, and taste--detoxify their inner organs and glands, support keep watch over adverse feelings, relieve pressure and constipation, and enhance their complexion, tooth and gums, and total stamina.

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Chi circulation provides it with attractive personal energy. - 48 - Chapter IV B. Bring Chi Energy to the Face. Inhale, contract your sexual organ, buttocks, and middle and front of the anus. Hold your breath, rub your hands together, clench your teeth, and put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. When your face feels hot, picture energy flowing to your hands. When your hands are very warm, bring your attention to your face and hold your breath until your face gets hot. Galea Aponeurotica Frontal Corrugator Supercilii Procerus Orbicularis Oculi Nasalis Zygomatic Major Levator Labii Superioris.

Do this to strengthen your eyes. Then, rub your hands until warm; close your eyes and cover your eye sockets with your palms. Feel the Chi from the hands absorbed into the eyes. (Fig. 21) Rotate your eyes six to nine times, first in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise. - 59 - Head Massage Eyes Fig. 20 Getting a tear out. Fig. 21 Absorbing the Chi into the eyes. Cerebrum Tear Gland Tear Duct Inner Eye Eustachian Tube Auditory Nerve Salivary Glands Fig. 22 The parts of the eyes connect with senses and brain.

When pulling in the lower parts of the eyes, you are pressing the lower part of the ear canals and the nervous system. - 61 - Head Massage Fig. 23 Awareness of the eyes. (1) Pressing into the inner ear. (2) Left eye pressing into the ear canal. Right eye pressing into the eustachian tube. (3) Pressing into the pituitary gland. (4) Right eye pressing into the ear (5) Pressing into the canal. Left eye pressing into eustachian tube. the eustachian tube. Fig. 24 Moving the Eyes. - 62 - Chapter IV A.

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