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This is a counter-intuitive notion for many. (Air resistance will cause velocity to decrease slightly or significantly depending on the object. ) Motion in the vertical direction must include the acceleration due to gravity, and therefore the velocity in the vertical direction changes over time. The shape of the path of an object undergoing projectile motion in two dimensions is a parabola. Two Dimensional Example Example 1 Question: A ball of mass is moving horizontally with a speed of off a cliff of height .

We define efficiency as the ratio of output energy (in this case kinetic energy) to input energy. If this car’s efficiency is , how much input energy was provided by the gasoline? If gallons were used up in the process, what is the energy content of the gasoline in Joules per gallon? A pile driver’s motor expends Joules of energy to lift a mass. The motor is rated at an efficiency of (see 11b). How high is the mass lifted? Answers to Selected Problems d (discuss in class) a. Chemical bonds in the food.

A) How high does the ball go? b) For how many seconds is the ball in the air? c) Joe is now standing underneath a ceiling that is 237m high. How fast will the ball be traveling when it strikes the ceiling? Solution: a) We know the initial velocity (70) and the acceleration (the only acceleration that acts upon the ball after it has left Joe's hand is the acceleration of gravity, which is . We can figure out the final velocity by realizing that when the ball is at the highest point, the velocity will be .

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