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By Kurt Gottfried, Victor F. Weisskopf

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A fantastic assessment of subnuclear phenomena ... Physicists of all stripes have cause to seem ahead to quantity II with massive enthusiasm.'___ Physics at the present time .

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If there is no degeneracy, P\^E) can only be the sole state \ijfE) itself, apart from an overall factor: Thus |(///r) is an eigenstate of P, and from our preceding argument, the eigenvalue a = II = ±1 is its parity. If the level E is degenerate, P\il>E) can be a different state vector from |i/»/r), but we can then form the two combinations each of which is an eigenstate of the same energy E. Clearly |i/>g} has parity + 1, and |i//^) has parity -1. Hence we conclude that when mirror symmetry holds all stationary states can be chosen to have a definite parity.

These properties of the quantized electromagnetic field remove the remaining classical paradoxes. When the temperature of an object is raised, ever higher states are excited, and these emit photons of higher energy, or, put classically, the object emits light of shorter wavelength. Consequently the color shifts from red to white, the latter being due to the tail of the Planck distribution when its peak lies above the visible. 3. Rotations and angular momentum The physical properties of any isolated system y are independent of its orientation.

This follows from our previous conclusion that for such a system R 8> m"1. If we define*. = A/2vr, we have K/R = 1/7? AE, andAE ~ 1/mR2, which gives \/R ~ Rm ~ l/v > 1. The radiation field of a nonrelativistic emitter can therefore be expanded in powers of the small parameters v and R / X , which is also of order v. This is called the multipole expansion; the first two terms are the electric (El) and magnetic dipole (Ml) fields. Most visible atomic transitions are E1. Angular momentum and parity conservation play an essential role in determining the character of a radiative transition.

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