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For projects not using the Maven repository system, the ShrinkWrap Distribution makes all modules available as a download, and you can set up the dependencies man‐ ually to suit your needs.

Version Control From the moment we collaborate on a project with others or would like to inspect the evolution of our code over time, we need some form of version control. Until recently, the most common paradigm for synchronizing access to a shared codebase was the client/server model, wherein developers can keep a local working copy and check their changes into a centralized server, as shown in Figure 2-2. Figure 2-2. Clients interacting with a centralized version control system Some systems utilize file-level locking to ensure that no conflicts arise during develop‐ ment; others allow concurrent access at the file granularity but cue the developer to resolve line-level conflicts upon committing changes upstream.

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Continuous Enterprise Development in Java: Testable Solutions with Arquillian by Andrew Lee Rubinger

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