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Fast debris of common or1g1n (cosmic rays) were used for a very long time as an enormous resource of astrophysical and geophysical details. A research of cosmic ray spectra, time adaptations, abundances, gradients, and anisotropy offers a wealth of information on actual stipulations within the areas of cosmic ray iteration in addition to within the media wherein cosmic rays propagate. Astrophysical elements of cosmic ray physics were thought of in a couple of monograpqs. the main particular appears to be like "The foundation of Cosmic Rays" by way of V. L. Ginzburg and S. 1. Syrovatskij (1964) that is, even if, involved more often than not with galactic cosmic rays. The physics of the circumsolar area is mentioned during this ebook basically really in brief. numerous different monographs were committed as a rule to the physics of the interplanetary medium and cosmic rays in interplanetary house. those comprise the books by means of Dorman (1963, 1975a, b), Parker (1963), Dorman and Miroshnichenko (1968). the current monograph differs from the above pointed out books in major elements: (i) It offers a unified theoretical method of analys{ng the houses of quickly debris in interplanetary house, established upon attention of cosmic rays as a hugely vigorous component to the interplane~ary plasma, which uses the plasma physics the way to describe the behaviour of cosmic rays.

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1973) behind shocks in the interplanetary plasma. Chao (1973) reported the observation of two aperiodic non-linear waves. The front thickness was measured by two spacecraft at different distances from the Sun. The author assumed that observed fluctuations were produced by strong magneto-acoustic waves generated at a solar flare and converted into shocks. Later evidence for the existence of magneto-acoustic waves in the solar wind was obtained by Sari and Valley (1976). They used the magnetic field data from Pioneer 6 for periods when the mean magnetic field was aligned either along the radius or perpendicular to it.

2; sma1ler-V were observed in hotter plasma streams. The average anisotrop~ of~mag~eti~ fl~ctuations was 5 : 4 : 1 with respect to the directions of b x e , b x (b x e ), and ~ ~ r r b, respecti~ely, where b shows the direction of the average magnetic field, and e the outward radial direction. In compressed regions at r leading edges of high-speed streams the anisotropy increased to 6 : 3 1. Belcher et al. (1969) and Belcher and Davis (1971) did not identify magneto-acoustic waves but estimated that their spectral power did not exceed 10% of the total value.

NeT +T ) ~ B02 (8n)-1 and the e p Alfven velocity is of the same order of magnitude as the thermal velocity of ions. On the other hand, the Coulomb mean-free paths of protons and electrons are large, of , the order of 1 AU at the Earth's orbit. Thus, the collisionless damping of MHD waves due to Cherenkov resonance of ions plays the major role and a kinetic theory has to be developed. Such a theory was developed by Gershman (1958), Stepanov (1958) and by Braginskii and Kazantsev (1958); see the monograph by Akhiezer et al.

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