Download e-book for kindle: Dicho y hecho: Beginning Spanish (9th Edition) by Laila M. Dawson, Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral

By Laila M. Dawson, Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral

ISBN-10: 0470880600

ISBN-13: 9780470880609

Construction on Dicho y hecho’s straight-forward, straight forward method of starting Spanish, the 9th variation additionally contains new info on how academics train and scholars learn.<span>  </span>If you haven’t checked out Dicho y hecho shortly, you’ll are looking to examine it now!

Dicho y hecho presents scholars with ample enter, utilizing new kinds and constructions, earlier than relocating them via guided perform to output. This empirically confirmed language educating method, in keeping with over 30 years of study, informs job sequences in the course of the program.

With an easy-to-implement, vigorous procedure, Dicho y hecho makes studying Spanish an possible target and a very stress-free event for either academics and students.

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This time you have to provide the answers. Write them out in words in your notebook or on a sheet of paper. 1-12 Más matemáticas. eps you just heard. In pairs, take turns reading your problems to your partner and writing out answers to hers/his. Then, check each other’s answers. Modelo: Estudiante A: Diez y ocho son… Estudiante B: Dieciocho. 1-13 Números de teléfono. ” Paso 1. Listen as your instructor reads telephone numbers from the phone list on page 18. Raise your hand when you know whose number was read and tell whose number it is.

Indd 36 treinta y seis Capítulo 2 11/4/10 12:58 PM Así se forma 1. Identifying gender and number: Nouns and articles All nouns in Spanish have two important grammatical features: gender (masculine and feminine) and number (singular and plural). Note that, although gender may reflect a biological distinction in some nouns referring to persons and animals, it is merely a grammatical feature in nouns that refer to nonliving things. Los estudiantes están en clase. Un alumno escribe en el cuaderno. Dos alumnos escriben en la pizarra.

1-3 ¿Cómo estás? Listen and choose the appropriate response to each greeting or question. eps 1. a. Me llamo Juan. b. Hola, ¿qué tal? c. Soy de Estados Unidos. 2. a. Muy bien, ¿y tú? b. Pues nada. c. Gracias. 3. a. Fenomenal. b. Soy de México, ¿y tú? c. Hasta pronto. 4. a. Muy bien, gracias. b. Pues nada. c. Bueno, pues, hasta luego. 5. a. ¿Qué pasa? b. Buenas tardes. c. Chao. 1-4 Las presentaciones. eps Paso 1. Move around the classroom and talk to at least five of your classmates and your instructor.

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Dicho y hecho: Beginning Spanish (9th Edition) by Laila M. Dawson, Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral

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