New PDF release: Dictionary of material science and high energy physics

By Dipak K. Basu

ISBN-10: 0849328896

ISBN-13: 9780849328893

Over 3,000 phrases with transparent, operating definitions, substitute meanings, and similar references include this uniquely concentrated lexicon. released in a handy, paperback layout, it covers chemical, power, nuclear, plasma, condensed subject, and solid-state physics, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum optics, thermodynamics, and fabrics technological know-how.

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For example, energy transfer could be thermal (thermal conduction) or electrical (electrical conductivity) in nature. conduction band Term used to describe the set of allowed energy states, in which the electrons in a semi-conductor can occupy and produce a current. In the presence of an external electric field or an increase in temperature, electrons from the filled insulation band can be promoted into the unfilled conduction band and allow an electric current. conductivity, electrical Electrical conductivity is defined as the ability of a material to conduct electric current.

2001 by CRC Press LLC capacitively coupled discharge plasma Plasma created by applying an oscillating, radiofrequency potential between two electrodes. Energy is coupled into the plasma by collisions between the electrons and the oscillating plasma sheaths. If the oscillation frequency is reduced, the discharge converts to a glow discharge. capillarity Effect of surface tension on the shape of the free surface of a fluid, causing curvature, particularly when in contact with a solid boundary. The effect is primarily important at small length scales.

2) Describes the phenomenon whereby a pair of electrons in a super-conducting medium are coupled with their spins anti-aligned and behave as a composite boson. A theoretical construct, Cooper pairs play a central role in the Bardeen– Cooper–Schriefer (BCS) theory of low temperature super-conductivity. Copenhagen interpretation The standard and accepted laws and postulates of the modern quantum theory. The most controversial aspect of the Copenhagen interpretation involves the collapse of the wave function postulate so named because of the strong influence of N.

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