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By John Maynard Smith

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Did Darwin Get It correct discusses many of the preferred matters in biology this present day. Its writer, the eminently quotable John Maynard Smith, discusses such attention-grabbing conundrums as how existence all started, even if the mind works like a working laptop or computer, why such a lot animals and vegetation reproduce sexually, and the way social habit developed out of the context of common selection--a technique which might appear to want selfishness. A funny and insightful author, John Maynard Smith has the detailed skill to show the buzz of technological know-how, its complexity and fascination, with out baffling or dull his readers. In those 28 short and available essays, Maynard levels generally over such matters as technological know-how and the media, the beginning of sociobiology, the evolution of animal intelligence and the constraints of evolutionary concept. For his paintings at the evolution of intercourse, Smith received the Darwin medal from the Royal Society, and he has pioneered the applying of online game conception to animal habit.

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In particular, he has hungered after theories that enable the future to be predicted from the past, as the best theories in physics do. This is an admirable, if somewhat optimistic aim, but it is not peculiarly Marxist. His own work has been largely devoted to answering the following question : what is the precise nature of the genetic variability of natural populations ? I was amused, on a recent visit to New Zealand, to meet a very bright Marxist graduate student who expressed astonishment that, when he visited Lewontin's laboratory, he found everyone grinding up DNA.

There is, however, a tide of ideas which would deny the distinction. The emotional force behind this tide derives in part from an entirely proper disgust at some of the consequences of technology in the modern world, and in part from an equally proper wish to treat the ideas of other peoples as of equal value with our own. What is common to these two reactions is the conviction, which I share, that scientific theories are not the only kind of ideas we need. It does not follow that scientific ideas are not distinguishable from other ideas.

In essence, this was the view urged by Monod in Chance and Necessity. His case was that there is no place in science for teleological or value-laden hypotheses . Yet, to do science, one must first be committed to some values - not least to the value of seeking the truth. Since this value cannot be derived from science, it must be seen as a prior moral commitment, needed before science is possible. So far from values being derived from science, Monod sees science as depending on values. It is odd that he was almost universally attacked by his critics for holding that one can derive values from science, when in fact he argued precisely the opposite.

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