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One can ask why natural languages are so structured, but the answer, whatever it is,21 will shed no light on the primary question facing us: What are the purely logical requirements governing a device that facilitates the expression of blind truth-endorsements? 4 Anaphorically Unrestricted Pronouns When the question is put this way, a natural ‘‘test device’’ for the role of ‘‘true’’ in English becomes available. , in our artificial English, we can say, ‘‘Some sentence although no one can prove it,’’ or perhaps, ‘‘Some sentence, it, although no one can prove it’’).

I’ve separated BTD from other assumptions often chained to it, doctrines about the centrality of T-biconditionals, either to our conceptual understanding of truth, or as trivial analytic entailments recognizable because their left and right wings mean the same. However, despite the cleaning up of the BTDist position that I’ve engaged in, I’ll nevertheless defect from the position in chapter 2, for we will discover that there are uses of the truth predicate that—although still connected to its function as a device for navigating between use and mention— can’t be captured by means of T-biconditionals.

As a result the MTDist and the BTDist may part ways, for the latter can accommodate such a substantialist view about truth, although the former won’t abide it. The MTDist will deny there is anything to say (in general) about how such statements are made true or false. , number-theoretic truths— he is capable of denying the existence of any such truthmakers; and he can claim that the existential statements about numbers are made true in a way that doesn’t involve correspondence in any sense, however lightweight.

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