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The condition for becoming a Christian in the first place is repentance and the reception of new life in Christ. Similarly, in church discipline the decisive test is simply repentance and faith. Forgivable and Unforgivable Sin If faith is such a decisive considerationthe great divide in church discipline as well as in evangelismthen we are dealing, it would seem, with only two categories. It is an instructive exercise to trace in the history of Christendom the development of this propensity to classify sins as venial and mortal, that is, forgivable and unforgivable.

The problem with church discipline is partly a matter of terminology. The term has acquired bad connotations. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a better one. The terms mission and evangelism are still good and generally accepted positive terms. Although some people have done outrageous things in the history of missions and evangelism, these terms are still used positively today to identify important and indispensable ministries of the church. Ministry is, of course, another term that recent American Christianity has tarnished.

Without them its founding and Peter's place in its founding both come to nothing. As one scholar puts it, "The Apostle has, in fact, successors, namely, the whole church. " 9 The Power of the Keys We can now examine the meaning of the metaphor of the keys and of the authority to bind and loose. The figure of keys is in keeping with the Old Testament image of the people of God as a temple or house. In Matthew 23:13 Jesus charges the Pharisees with shutting people out of the kingdom of heaven, which implies their custodianship of the door of faith.

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