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By Dr. Justin Jennings, Brenda J. Bowser

ISBN-10: 0813033063

ISBN-13: 9780813033068

For greater than thousand years, consuming has performed a serious function in Andean societies. This assortment presents a special examine the historical past, ethnography, and archaeology of 1 of an important conventional indigenous commodities in Andean South America--fermented plant drinks jointly referred to as chicha.

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Their collective effort would bring about fermentation; this remarkable transformation of sprouted corn mash into spirits would take place right before their eyes and noses, and under their (hopefully) skilled hands. Finally, all these workers would expect to be fed a hearty soup and to receive several handfuls of coca leaves. 3 It would have been placed next to a table covered with a finely woven sack (kustal), on which were placed two wooden cups called keros, a flat ceramic bowl called a puchuela, and a three-pronged whip symbolizing the ayllu’s authority.

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