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1 Contact between two plane surfaces. 2 Elastic contact between a sphere and a plane. 2) 22 where P is the load, r - the sphere radius and 1- 1 - = -"I- El E' 1- v _ + --L, E2 v - Poisson's ratio. The contact area A is A = A-p2/3. 2 Plastic contact To obtain a linear dependence of the real area of contact on load, Holm [84 and Bowden and Tabor [39] assumed that the asperities in the contact areas are plastically deformed. 3) where ae is the elastic limit for the body of lower hardness, and Pm = .

4 Coetticient @, ( p ) versus displacement [50]: _. a , platinum; 6. steel; 1, clean surfaces; 2, surfaces lubricated with saturated solution o f lauric acid in cetane. l 010 1 2 3 4 Oisploccrnent (pin) of displacement. 4 which shows the value of @ as a function of the tangential displacement, indicates how the surface area of contact increases. When @ assumes the value of the static coefficient of friction the displacement is permanent. 4 Elastic contact Although the assumption of plastic contact leads to a satisfactory interpretation of the Amonton-Coulomb law, it contradicts other experimental facts.

During the friction process, due to the rise i n temperature chemical reaction with the ambient medium is accelerated. When a metal friction pair operates in air the process may take place between the oxide layers of the two surfaces (mild wear regime). The presence of a lubricant and additives causes the formation of solid reaction layers which are important in surface protection. The relative importance of various layers is shown schematicallj. 13. During frictional contact the structure of the surface layer undergoes modifications in thickness and constitution.

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