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content material: influence of traditional and unconventional nutritional fibers in colon carcinogenesis / Bandaru S. Reddy, Kenshi Watanabe, and Hideki Mori --
Leguminous seed fiber : makes use of in ailment states and results on carbohydrate digestion in vitro and absorption in vivo / Thomas M.S. Wolever, David J.A. Jenkins, Alexandra L. Jenkins, Mary Jane Thorne, Lilian U. Thompson, and Rodney H. Taylor --
Structural chemistry of a few nonstarchy polysaccharides of carrots and apples / Gerald O. Aspinall, Hany okay. Fanous, and Asish ok. Sen --
Legumes and their soluble fiber : influence on cholesterol-rich lipoproteins / James W. Anderson and Wen-Ju Lin Chen --
Purified psyllium seed fiber, human gastrointestinal tract functionality, and dietary prestige of people / Constance Kies --
Locust bean gum in meals items fed to familial hypercholesterolemic households and a sort IIB sufferer / James H. Zavoral, Peter Hannan, Clark M. Smith, Bo E. Hedlund, Madge Hanson, Donna Fields, Kanta Kuba, Ivan Frantz, and David R. Jacobs, Jr. --
Pectins and guar gum : impression on plasma lipoproteins and tissue lipoprotein lipase job in rats / N.-G Asp, H.G. Bauer, P. Nilsson-Ehle, and R. Öste --
Aminopolysaccharides : their capability as nutritional fiber / Ivan Furda --
Catabolism of mucopolysaccharides, plant gums, and maillard items through human colonic bacteroides / Abigail A. Salyers, Mildred O'Brien, and Barry Schmetter --
a few in vitro and in vivo houses of nutritional fibers from noncereal resources / P. Van Soest, P. Horvath, M. McBurney, J. Jeraci, and M. Allen --
nutritional pectin: influence on metabolic procedures in rats / Mei Ling W. Chang --
Chitin and chitosan : impact on aspect absorption in rats / Dennis T. Gordon and Cynthia Besch Williford --
Citrus pectic polysaccharides : their in vitro interplay with low density serum lipoproteins / M. Mansoor Baig and James J. Cerda --
Washed orange pulp : characterization and houses / M.A. Porzio and J.R. Blake --
nutritional fiber from citrus wastes : characterization / S.V. Ting and R.L. Rouseff --
Cellulose, xylan, corn bran, and pectin within the human digestive approach / Alfred C. Olson, Gregory M. grey, Mei-Chen Chiu, and Sharon E. Fleming --
homes of wooden lignin / C.A. Paden, A.S. Frank, J.M. Wieber, B.A. Pethica, P. Zuman, and L. Jurasek --
Chemical and actual houses of tobacco fiber / Vida D. Sheen and S.J. Sheen --
items of wheat straw biodegradation via Cyathus stercoreus / Thomas P. Abbott, Christopher James, and Ronald D. Plattner --
Biphenyl hydroxylase, arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase, and epoxide hydrolase : actions in intestinal and liver microsomes of rats fed chosen kinds of nutritional fibers / J.C. Opdycke and J.C. Street.

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Carrots (250 g per batch) were cut into small pieces atîcl blended with aqueous 1% sodium deoxycholate (SDC) (200 mL) f o r 5 min i n a Waring blender with a d d i t i o n of 2-octanol (2 mL) as an anti-foaming agent. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. 3. ASPiNALL ET A L . Structures of Nonstarchy Polysaccharides 45 1% SDC (550 mL) and b a l l - m i l l e d f o r 16 h at 4 ° . Light m i c r o s c o p i c examination revealed ^ 95% rupture of c e l l s . 5 h at 4 ° .

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1983. 28 UNCONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF DIETARY FIBER i s s t i l l a matter of debate (35). In our metabolic ward s t u d i e s with guar 9 p a t i e n t s had l e s s than 40% carbohydrate i n the d i e t s and 14 had over 40%. Supplementation of the d i e t s with guar produced a s i g n i f i c a n t l y g r e a t e r r e d u c t i o n of the u r i n a r y glucose l o s s i n the high carbohydrate group (64 + 7% v s . 02) (36). This improvement i n carbohydrate t o l e r a n c e with high carbohydrate d i e t s may i n part e x p l a i n the success reported i n some studies using wheat bran (37).

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